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For those wondering how to sell my Plano home, this article will assist to establish a method of preparing a property to sell in Plano, Texas. In preparing a property there are several steps that need to be accomplished.

1. Determine why the property owner is wishing to sell. Is it because of the home size; the present home cannot accommodate bathrooms, bedrooms, room sizes; is because the home needs repairs or renovations; is it because the home is too far from work, school or other activities; the family is moving because of career advancement or change?

2. After the decision has been made to sell my Plano home and move, the items to be determined: are what is to be done to the property; should the property be remodeled; should the family sell the property “as is”; how much money is available to do repairs and renovations?

3. Before the upgrades have been decided upon, inspect comparable homes in the area that are for sale. Evaluate these properties as to the time on the market and the prices of the homes.

4. Get an expert’s opinion as to the work required to accomplish the proposed upgrades. Pursue realistic costs for the modifications and get opinions as if these modifications will build equity into the property value. Determine when the property needs to be sold and establish time frames to make changes to the property. Before starting on any home projects, be sure that the money is available, along with a contingency amount that would handle unexpected issues.

5. No matter what condition the Property Owner decides to sell the property, the property owner must determine how the property is to be sold. Is the property owner going to obtain the buyer? This means the Plano, TX Property Owner solicits prospective buyers by: a yard sign; a newspaper or internet ad; and word of mouth. This method surely saves the cost of commissions of a Licensed Real Estate Agent but the success rate is about 15% for home owners selling the property.

6. If the property is turned over to a professional, the home owner must feel comfortable that the Licensed Real Estate Agent is serving the home owner’s best interest. The Real Estate Agent and the Property Owner sign a Brokerage Agreement. When the property is turned over to the Plano, TX Real Estate Agent, the Agent should determine the current value of the property by evaluating comparable sold properties.

7. When the property is turned over to the Real Estate Agent, he places the property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) with a specification.

8. After the MLS specification is issued, the Agent will schedule Open Houses and inform other Real Estate Agents of the listing. From this exposure, the Agent should receive contract offers from prospective buyers and will select the Prospective Buyer that fits the requirements of the Property Owner. From this, the Property Owner and Prospective Buyer will both sign the appropriate Contract and Amendments.

9. The Contract will reveal many items and one is the Closing Date when the property will change hands from the Present Owner to the Prospective Buyer. At the Closing, the Property Owner now becomes the Property Seller and signs the appropriate documents and receives the proceeds from the property sale. 

This process is not complicated when the homeowner decides to "sell my Plano home."  It is fairly simple and easy but always best to ask questions before entering into an agreement with anyone.  Make sure you get the Real Estate Agent to completely answer of you questions so that you feel comfortable. 

There is always a way to sell home fast without having to worry about repairs, cleanliness, or any other tasks normally associated with selling a house on the market.  Call Bill about a free cash offer on your house.