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Bill Butcher is one of the leading Realtors in Plano TX. The real estate industry in Plano has continued to evolve and is currently the most vibrant and competitive in the whole state of Texas. With an annual turnover in excess of millions of dollars, you need the services of a veteran real estate agent, such as Bill, who intimately understands the real estate market. And that is exactly what Bill Butcher offers his customers. As a leading realtor in Plano TX, his objective is to connect any potential home or commercial property owner with the ideal home or building. We also are ranked in the top tier by all home and commercial property owners.

Why Bill:
- Professionalism:
Bill is a professional real estate agent, providing the very best professional services to all his customers and clients of Plano TX as well as all surrounding areas of North Dallas.

- Variety:
Plano, TX has a broad range of real estate properties from small single family homes to multifamily dwellings for investments. If you need it or want it, Bill can help you find it.

- Experience:
Bill’s experience of the real estate industry is well ahead of most realtors in Plano TX. His in-depth knowledge of this city's real estate industry has made him a key player in shaping it as it is currently.

- Honesty:
Bill places on the table his uncompromised honesty and commitment to transact with all of his customers; real estate owners, realtors, and potential home owners, above board and with unlimited transparency.

Realtors in Plano TX offer a broad range of property on their in-depth listings. To navigate through these listings, you need to understand how properties are ranked and rated. The key factors to consider when browsing these listings:

- Age: - What is the age of the building in relation to its utility. A two-year-old public utility building is seen as older than a private use home in the suburbs of Plano.

- Price: - This is a critical factor because it will enable you to only view all the properties listed by Realtors within your price bracket.

- Type: - The type of property you are searching for is a fundamental listing factor as all Realtors list properties within their generally accepted term, e.g. Single Family Homes, Condo, Apartments, Duplex, or any of the various commercial property types from office space to warehouses.

- Square footage: - The size of the building you are searching for is another key factor to consider when searching all the realtor's property listing.

- Location: - The location within Plano where you want to find a property is also another key feature in real estate listing navigation.

There is a quite a large number of realtors in Plano TX. Not only does this make this industry very vibrant and competitive, but is also a clear testament of the significant trust home and real estate owners have in real estate agents. It also means that anyone looking for a residential or commercial property to buy or lease is bound to get it very fast. And we have a significant number of these properties spread across Plano, Texas. Listings of properties in Plano is extensive and comprehensive, and we update frequently. Allow a veteran Plano realtor to hold your hand and help you steer in this industry, We promise you, we have the property you are looking for, and if we do not have it now, we will get it for you tomorrow.