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The Plano homes for sale show a great deal of diversity. They range from starter homes to multi-million dollar properties. The process of buying a home has multiple steps in its development and is provided below.

1. Determining that the prospective Property Buyer wishes to live in Plano due to its: exemplary school system, opportunities of employment, inter-structure of the roads and utilities, futuristic foresight of the city leaders, businesses and shops that are situated in the city and the cultural diversity of its residents.

2. Prospective Buyer shall meet with a mortgage lender that will pre-approve the Buyer for purchasing a home in a particular price range.

3. The prospective Buyer will then obtain the services of a Licensed Real Estate Agent to find properties in the allowable price range and within the criteria established by the prospective buyer. The Agent will send the Buyer Multiple Listing Service (MLS) specifications that meet the Buyer’s needs.

4. The Buyer selects properties from a list of Plano homes for sale. The Agent shows the Buyer these properties and the Buyer finds properties that the Buyer wishes to place an Offer to purchase.

5. From the Buyer’s preferred list, the Agent provides Comparative Market Analysis information on each of Buyer’s selected properties. The Agent will inform the prospective Buyer of the current estimated value of each Plano, TX property.

6. As a result of this information, the Client decides if he wishes to make an offer on a property and at what price point. The Agent then prepares a Contract that conforms to the Client’s criteria.

7. The Agent sends the Contract to the Listing Agent. The Listing Agent reviews the Contract and sends it to the Property Seller with comments. As part of the Contract, an estimated Closing Date is established.

8. The Property Seller and the Listing Agent review the prospective Buyer’s Contract and makes modifications to the Contract and Amendments and then sends back to the prospective Buyer’s Agent.

9. The prospective Buyer’s Agent reviews the modifications to the Contract and informs the prospective Buyer of these modifications and makes comments.

10. The prospective Buyer either accepts or rejects the comments of the Seller. At this time, the prospective Buyer either: amends the Contract; accepts the modifications; or rejects the amended Contract.

11. If the prospective Buyer amends the Contract, the Buyer returns the Contract to Seller for the Seller’s approval.

12. Once the Contract is accepted by both parties, the Contract is forwarded to the Title Company, along with the earnest money. The Option Period, which is a time during which the prospective Buyer can void the Contract, commences. The Option Period is a time during which the prospective Buyer can conduct inspections of the property. When both parties sign the Contract, the Effective Date of the Contract Commences.

13. From this point forward, the Buyer’s mortgage company and the Title Company move forward toward the established Closing Date which is when the prospective Buyer becomes the actual Buyer.

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